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MAT 109 Fall 08

D Mat 109 G4: Algebra and Trigonometry

Wed: 11 – 12: 15 Rm C 125
Thr: 10 – 11:15 Rm B 125
Fri: 11 – 12: 15 Rm B 125


There will 5 in class exams worth 100 points and a final worth 200 points. This gives 6 grades of 100 points and the lowest will be dropped. There will be 100 points worth of quizzes and projects. Some of the lowest quiz/project grades will be dropped.


Essentials of Algebra and Trigonometry by Christy, Rosenfeld &
Botkin. Published by Pearson

Other Stuff

Satisfactory completion of MAT 002 or a working knowledge of elementary algebra.


As part of this course, students should avail themselves of further study and/or educational assistance available in the Mathematics Center: B-l30 and B-l26. These activities and use of the resources provided are deemed an integral part of the course, and will help the student master necessary knowledge and skills.


This course covers most of the topics included in the high school course called “algebra 2 and trigonometry” and is planned for the student having deficiencies in that area who plans to go on with the study of mathematics.
To improve the students’ ability to solve problems in an orderly and logical manner, to provide the student with the basic ideas of numerical and analytic trigonometry, to develop accuracy and speed in the manipulations of algebraic functions, to acquaint the student with the basic equation forms and the graphs and problems that involve these forms. Without decreasing the emphasis on the traditional algebraic skills, a graphing calculator similar to the Texas Instruments TI-83/84 is recommended as a technological tool to assist in the integration of the above concepts.


The current syllabus is available in the MAT/CS/ITE Office, Room B 3028 or by downloading a version here: Course outline for mat109


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