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MAT 001 for Wed 1/30

You must bring to class:

  1. The MATH XL card (it is much bigger than a credit card and is blue and yellow)
  2. Your textbook
  3. Your calculator

The 8am class has been moved to B 223 on Wedesday and Friday and the 11am class has been moved to B 233 on Friday.


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Text: Basic Mathematics for Nassau Community College
  by Lial, Saltzman, Hestwood

Calculator: TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator
 or TI-83 Graphing Calculator

Notebook: An 8 ½ x 11 inch notebook is required and must be brought to class.

About This Course: This is the first of two non-credit courses required to continue on to credit math. Topics include: whole numbers and rational numbers; fundamental operations with whole numbers, fractions and decimals, ratios and proportions, percents; consumer and job related problems as well as some beginning algebra.

Classroom Behavior: All cellphones and beepers must be turned off prior to class starting.At times students will be encouraged to work together.
This must be done in such a manner that other groups and students are not disturbed.

ID cards must be worn at all times.

Grades: In this course, you will receive an “S” (satisfactory) if you complete all
requirements or a “U” (unsatisfactory) if you do not complete all requirements. NOTE: There is no “W” or “INC” grade for this course. If you do not complete the requirements, you will receive a “U”. Three “U”‘s in MAT 001 will result in dismissal from the college.Towards the end of the course you will have up to 2 chances to take the final exit exam. If you do not meet the minimum requirements set by the MAT/STA/CMP Department, you will have to repeat the course. You will earn chances to take the final exit exam as outlined below.

Attendence: No more than 6 absences (with 2 times late being the equivalent of one absence) in a regular fall or spring semester.

Exit Exams: A student may take the first exit exam if the student has more than 6 absences (with 2 times late being the equivalent of one absence) in a regular fall or spring semester. This is departmental policy.A student may earn an additional attempt at the exit exam if, and only if, the student has:
no more than 4 absences and maintains an overall classroom average of 70%. The classroom average is determined 90% of exams and 10% notebook grade.

The notebook is to be an 8 ½ x 11 inch notebook and must be brought to class.Notes for a particular class must be dated. Assignments, homework, class excercises must be done in the back working forward. A 10% notebook grade will be assigned for the class.

Computer Resources: This text can be used with an online testing/tutorial program called MathXL. In
order to access this site, you must register using a Student Code. These codes are found packaged with a new book. If you want a code and did not get one with your text, please see me. This online program has wonderful resources: it has a study plan, analyzes your weakness, and explains examples. This is an optional component to the course. I encourage you to use this system, for your final exam will be on a computer. It may be a good idea to practice taking math tests on the computer as the semester progresses.
If you do not have a computer at home, you may use the computers in the Math Center, B130.

Extra Help: Please avail yourself of the materials and services of the Mathematics Center in
Rooms B126 and B130. They have help sessions, homework help, and supplementary materials. Make sure when attending help-sessions, you are prepared with your notebook, text, calculator and any specific questions that you need answered.

Concerning Students with Disabilities: If you have a physical, psychological, medical or learning disability that may impact
on your ability to carry out assigned course work,I would urge that you contact the
staff in The Center for students with Disabilities, “U” Building (behind the old
college union), 572-7241, TTY 572-7617. CSD will review your concerns and determine
with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and
documentation are confidential.

Tentative Schedule:

Topics and assignments are subject to change as we work throughout the semester. Be sure to keep up with announcements made in class.

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