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All day and evening classes are canceled, Wednesday, 10/15/08 due to the Presidential debate at Hofstra University.

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All students better read the following and comply: http://www.ncc.edu/StudentLife/StudentSupportServices/OfficeOfHealthServices/Fall_08_immunization_require.htm

If you are dropped due to non-compliance, there is nothing I can do.  I must not let you in the class. 

This applies to both new and returning students. 

So before it is too late, get your records in and / or fill out the other form.

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The college is providing wireless access in the Library and Food Court areas to students.  It may be seen from other possible points.

The access point is NCCstudent1, and it is open (not secured).  After connecting,  use your web browser to authenticate.  The username is the same as the banner “N’ number, and the password is the banner pin.  For help and support connecting, students can go to the Academic Computer Services lab (2nd floor of the Library).


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NCC Email Down

Just to let you know, the NCC email server is down so if you emailed me, it may be awhile before I answer.

The fact that the approximate time of the crash and the Nassau County mosquito spraying program was purely coincidental and in no way should any jokes about computer bugs be made.

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Prof. Spiegelman collated all the ads so it is easier to vote on.  Please vote.  Your grade depends on it 🙂

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ID Cards

Reminder, you will need your id cards to make use of the Computer, Math Lab and the library. My courses will be making explicit use of the library and you will need your card to attend class on those days.

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