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Prof. Spiegelman collated all the ads so it is easier to vote on.  Please vote.  Your grade depends on it 🙂


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The takehome  are on the wiki http://mat101.pbwiki.com

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There are some practice set proofs on the wiki, http://mat101.pbwiki.com

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The grade will be made up of 80% exams and 20% assignments on the web.  There will be two exams, a midterm worth 90 points  and a final worth 180 points.  The best 180points will be used as the exam grades.  That means the exam grade will be 50% midterm / 50% final or 100% final.  The remaining 20 points will be the projects placed on the wiki.

Sample Grade Calculation 1:

Midterm: 60/90

Final: 140/180

Since the final was higher (70/90 vs. 60/90), the final will be used. 

Project Grade: 20/20 for a total of:

160/200 = 80 average = B

Sample Grade Calculation 2:

Midterm: 80/90

Final: 140/ 180

Since the final (70/100) was lower,  then the points are 80 + 70 = 150/180

Project grade: 20/20

Final grade 170/200 = 85 = B+

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The Wiki for the MAT 101 JA Winterim has been set up.  The address is http://mat101.pbwiki.com.  Email me with your screenname to be added to the Wiki

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